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Kaiser Solzie - Musical Artist Press Release


Upcoming Releases

Ordinary Average Day


- Verse -

Woke Up It's Another Day

For some reason it didn't feel the same

I know it wasn't like an ordinary day

hanging out in monroe ave

drinking beers with all the street rats

- Chorus -

Well, I know It's not an Ordinary Average Day

Cause days like these don't grow on trees

Well, I know it's not an Ordinary Average Day

Cause, Days like these are only made in dreams

- Verse 2 -

Hanging out in west sacroment

Tommy shorts and sunnys crib

Tommy dolyle can't handle these earthquakes

Hanging out with Trevor and Dave

All I know is that it's on the way

Heading to a show in the Subway

(Chorus) 2x

Press Photos

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Kaiser Solzie is an independent, self-managed artist.

Contact James:

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